Should I vote for Barack Obama in the 2012 Presidential Election?

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The 2012 Presidential Election is a pivotal decision in our nation's history. Since the Tea Party took the house in 2010, the Congress has been nearly worthless. The political divide in Washington has turned from "my gentlemen counterpart across the aisle" into that "secret Muslim, America-hating, antichrist socialist." And, quite frankly, I (like most Americans) am sick of the political jockeying. I want the Hill to do something for me and my country.

We are slowly emerging from the greatest economic crisis in nearly a century and need a strong leader to continue the United States on a path to prosperity. The Republican primaries are past the initial stages and it seems Gingrich and Romney are the front runners. These two candidates, while slightly different in their Republican ideals, are both in stark contrast to President Obama. They want to cut taxes, give businesses free reign, and cut social spending. In a word: de-regulate. Since the Bush years, this has become a dirty word in politics, but this has been preached by every Republican candidate since the Almighty Reagan!

President Obama, on the other hand, is a trailblazer. He wants to try new policies and put a stop to boom-bust economics. In his 2012 State of the Union address, President Obama called for new rules for Wall Street. He not only wants regulation, but responsibility across the board. And yes, this does mean putting a leash on the abilities of investors to make exorbitant amounts of money. However, it also means banks cannot leverage their money 40:1. The type of insane risks we would never take in our own homes.

President Obama believes in this country. We are out of the deepest depths of the recession, and he is looking towards the future. He has enacted a plan to streamline government. That being, to combine redundant agencies and eliminate rules that made it difficult for small businesses to flourish. Obama's plan to establish the Federal Trade Agency will make it easier for small businesses to navigate the bureaucracy, identify their options, and idealize their plans for the future.

In the 2012 State of the Union, Obama placed a number of issues at the core of America's future. The President called for education reform to reward our best teachers and increase graduation rates. For the third year in a row, he called on Congress to halt oil subsidies, to safely extract our vast natural gas reserves, and to establish a plan to develop our green energy future. President Obama looks towards a brighter, innovative future. An America with manufacturing and ideas. An America where we, once again, export goods and ideas. Not just sub-prime mortgage bond packages.

And how did the Republicans respond to the State of the Union? They accused the President of making a campaign speech, of politicking. This is not a President of empty promises. He passed healthcare reform. Every Democrat since Carter has been attempting this, but Obama got it done. America has gained three million jobs in the last three months. Obama ended the War in Iraq. He has secured our borders and cracked down on dangerous illegal immigrants. And, perhaps most importantly, he got Osama Bin Laden. Barack Obama brought the world's most dangerous criminal to justice.

So, in the 2012 Presidential Election, simply ask yourself: Old policies of boom-and-bust or blaze a new trail? Sure, in making that trail there will be thorns and muck. But, it leads to a brighter future and a better America.

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