What are the implications of the Boston Marathon explosion?

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Today the United States experienced first hand the destruction and grotesque nature of war. The Boston Marathon explosion served to confront the American public with the often overlooked consequences of violence and violent actions. We often hear about explosions of this nature occurring frequently around the world. The difference today however, is that it didn't happen in a foreign country and because of the magnitude of the Boston Marathon we all got a front row ticket to the devastation.

The next few days and weeks will be difficult and filled with emotion, many people will be calling for revenge and will fervently search for someone to blame. Only time will tell what the repercussions of this event will entail, we can only hope that it doesn't lead to any more destruction or bloodshed. We must be careful and learn from history, stay determined not to repeat past mistakes for violence only breeds more violence. The Chinese philosopher Confucius once said "Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves." This idea should remain in our mind as we search for a way to wrap our heads around the meaning of this event. After 9/11 there was rush to find a target for our blame, and though this was no where near as catastrophic the same search will ensue.

People from the right and left will be screaming at the top of their lungs, demanding to know who is responsible. But the real question is not who is responsible, but why did this happen. Why would anyone feel the need to set off a bomb in a public place? Why are countless people dying of violence domestically and globally each day? Why can't we as human beings evolve and move away from these senseless acts of violence? The Boston Marathon explosion is just another example of the seemingly increasing violent nature of our society. It is my hope that this and other recent tragedies will have the effect of forcing us to re-examine our society and hopefully begin to restructure it in a more positive and loving way.

An event such as this should cause us to think very critically about our societal practices and ideals. The growing number of violent acts is extremely disconcerting and should force us to figure out the root causes. We should be constructively brainstorming ways to address this growing concern and the possible issues triggering this madness. Unfortunately however, history has shown our constant inability to work together to solve such issues. I'm sure the Boston Marathon explosion will trigger a vigorous debate on our increasingly violent culture. As did the Sandy Hook massacre and others before it, but as we have seen time and again our leaders just don't seem to have the ability to drop their personal pride and party affiliations to make real tangible progress.

It's hard to say what the aftermath of this event will include, we can only hope that it will spur a change in attitude and lead us towards a path of peace. For now however, all we can do is pray for the victims and their families. No one should be exposed to such violence. No one in this country or any else around the world. It is extremely sad to see such things happen and it reminds us of the harsh realities that countless people living in war zones are forced to face each day. Violence and destruction are unfortunately nothing new to us, but maybe our response will be. Hopefully it will not lead to more violence and instead lead toward progress, increased understanding, and peace.

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