Who will run in 2016 for President?

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It's never too early in American politics to start campaigning and even though President Barack Obama still has two years left in his term, talk over who will run on both sides in the 2016 presidential elections has heated up.

Republicans are hopeful that they will be able to return to the White House after an eight-year absence. While they have maintained a hold on the majority in the House of Representatives and a strong minority in the Senate, the Republican base has fractured into parties of traditional conservatives and the Tea Party minorities that do not always work well together. This will likely lead to strong, competitive debates on who should be the next Republican nomination for president.

Hillary Clinton is an obvious potential front-runner for the Democratic Party's nomination. Though she hasn't officially declared her intention to run, since her loss against President Obama in the 2008 elections, Hillary and her political team have been at work planning the next campaign. Her role as Secretary of State under President Obama has improved her already impressive political experience. If she decides to run in 2016, which seems likely, it will be difficult for any other Democrat to compete with the Clinton image. Hillary Clinton has the support and clout of her husband, former President Bill Clinton as well as a complicated support system of political connections that the Clinton family has cultivated through the years.

The Republican Party lacks the obvious front-runner of the Democrats. Many names have been floating around, including 2012's Republican vice presidential candidate, Congressman Paul Ryan. Ryan has maintained a prominent role in the congressional debates over the debt ceiling and immigration. The 44 year old Wisconsin representative has been a rising star in the GOP for the last few years and would have a great deal of support if he decided to run in the 2016 election.

Another name that has been floated around for a potential candidate for the Republican ticket is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Christie has a lot of support among moderate republicans and independents which might aid in a political campaign that would have to follow the legacy of President Obama, but Governor Christie's reputation has taken a hit after a recent scandal. Christie's office has been tied to the politically-motivated closing of roads on the George Washington Bridge to affect the constituency of a rival politician. Christie has distanced himself from the scandal that has led to an official investigation and the resignation of several top Christie aids. This scandal could have a major impact on Christie's popularity and chances of winning the nomination even if he is never directly connected to the scandal. Christie has been branded a political bully by his opponents before and this scandal would inevitably be used to reinforce this idea should the governor run in 2016.

There are many other potential candidates on both sides but most are keeping their cards to themselves for now. As the 24 months of the Obama administration wind to a close both parties and their candidates will make themselves known as they move to capitalize on the political hot button issues like immigration and the debt crisis that will inevitably play a large role in the next election.

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